Primary Thesis Supervisor, Ryerson University

I first studied under Lila in 2007 when I enrolled in a new media course on interactive theory at Ryerson University. As a new media artist and theorist, Lila introduced me to a world where art and existentialism meet technology on a shifting creative ground that challenges every keystroke. It was a profound learning experience, which defied the restrictive boundaries of new media that defined the commercial world I had previously traversed. Lila was the first to encourage me to apply to the Masters of Documentary Media program at Ryerson, and in 2009 I was fortunate to have her as my primary supervisor for the blakout project. During earlier consults, Lila assisted me in creating the larger framework for the work, into which would fit two years of research and filming. She has always encouraged me to surmount personal and/or social inhibitions and seek out the circumstances of every situation in order to gain a fair and balanced perspective. Lila has challenged this work to examine critical socio-political issues by referencing a foundation based on ethics, equality and respect.


Secondary Thesis Supervisor, Ryerson University

Alex is an advisor and critic of this work in areas of film technique, editing and structure. As a seasoned documentary filmmaker and editor, Alex' instruction has been instrumental to this project - both in the classroom as a teacher of documentary theory, and as a hands-on advisor on filmmaking. In the summer of 2010, Alex led Ryerson's Canadian contingent to Cuba for a summer documentary workshop taught by Cuban filmmaker and critic Enrique Colina. With Alex and Colina's guidance, I scaled a learning curve from new media to film, while gaining extraordinary insight into the oppression, and subsequent desperation, of a country silenced by fear. Alex' in-depth knowledge on Cuban cinema also inspired me to research important Cuban filmmakers and social critics such as T.G. Alea and Julio García Espinosa, whose writings and work have had a significant influence on my approach to documentary and the blakout project. Alex challenges the film in this work to be well edited, truthful, educational and entertaining.